Monday, 21 January 2013

I'm Swatching You: St. Geroge by a-england


Guys, I'm in love. Not with someone tall, dark and handsome (as welcome as that would be) but with this St. George. I'd seen swatches around the blogosphere and so I went to the a-england website and by lucky happenstance it coincided with when they were having their sale. Usually I don't like paying more than a fiver but for this polish I decided I'd take the plunge and get it. On sale for £6 (down from £9) with free shipping I thought this was a pretty sweet deal.

St George is an intensely pigmented teal that has a real depth to it, and a subtle holographic shimmer.


Ughhhhh so beautiful.

The amazing thing is it's not too in your face. It's classy; in most dim lights it's a dark forest-y green but then you hit bright sunlight or bright artificial light and BAM wowowow there's that holo shimmer the deep, gorgeous teal. Eyegasm.

Have a wicked day x

Fantasy Fire how I love thee


Urgh I have so many feels for this colour. It's like as purple sheer base with gold and purple and duochrome green-gold flecks in and it is basically the bees fucking knees. Just look at it! So pretty. I chose to layer it over 'misstique' by missguided to try and bring out the bluey green side of the duochrome and really it looked bloody amazing. In bright and natural lights I just couldn't stop gazing at my nails they were so beautiful

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Saturday, 19 January 2013

I'm Swatching You: Maybelline MNY Shimmery purple

This was on sale for only £2 in Asda so I grabbed the colour I liked best. 'Shimmery Purple' is a sort of fuschia-pink tinted purple with a purple shimmer. The formula was really great, this is two coats which went on easily (the bad clean-up is my fault haha)

Then because I am never satisfied with anything I used Rimmel 239 Your Majesty to make leopard nails with my Bundle Monster stamp. I thought it was really pretty :)

Have a wicked day x

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Cracked mirror effect nails! Konadicure #2

Hellooooo! I'm currently in the middle of trying to pull an all-nighter because I have a particularly unwanted psychology exam tomorrow morning (today technically I suppose) which I am not prepared for. To try and keep myself awake here's a picture-heavy post of a mani I did the other day.

It's two coats of modelsown Sterling Silver as a base (love this silver foil) then stamped with a Bundle Monster plate (208) to produce this cracked-mirror effect. I adore it! It looks so cool and interesting :')

More pictures after the jump

Monday, 14 January 2013

Rainbow nails! ((fun with acrylics))

Hi my lovely lacqueristas (and...I wonder what the masculine is? lacqueristo? you too my friend!) I want to show you some of my herp-derping around with my new acrylic paints. I bought them a couple of weeks ago and have only really used them once or twice and today I was feeling pretty adventurous.
So I thought whoo let's do this! Time for some full on nail 'art' :p

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Iridescent flakies! Modelsown Snowflakes over Maybelline Onyx

I was really desperate to try out Snowflakes because I love iridescent things. You remember that crackly craft plastic that was all iridescent and gorgeous? The one you can buy from Hobbycraft? No :( Aww, well I do. And also look how pretty it is in the bottle!

Arghh so gorgeous! 
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